About us

About Zimardi

Welcome to Zimardi, where men leave looking their best.

What We Do

Zimardi consistently offers high quality custom tailored suits to our clients. We are passionate about helping men look and feel their best in incredibly comfortable, yet stylish suits that showcase their own unique personalities. In addition to our custom tailored suits, Zimardi also offers Tuxedos, Blazers, and Shirts that meet the highest luxury standards. Regardless if our clients need a suit for a special event or just to wear to the office, we guarantee they will look their best in our tailored clothing.

By utilizing powerful cutting-edge 3D technology, we turn the best quality fabrics into walking pieces of art that are sure to meet the highest designer standards.

Our Mission

At Zimardi, our mission is to provide luxury clothing to men everywhere. Based in Sydney, Australia we have a strong belief in providing the best quality customer service possible while building solid relationships with our clients. We offer suits to men across the globe with precision like accuracy and aim to build solid relationships with clients over time. We have our own team of master tailors and skilled craftsmen with over 30 years of tailoring experience.

Our Values

Our values are built on the prestige of a bygone era where men always looked sharp and wore clothing that was tailored to fit their body. Our passion for delivering top-notch goods inspires us to always give our clients our best work. Everything that we do at Zimardi is based on superior customer service and our own personal pride in our work. We value excellence, and it shows in every custom tailored suit we sell.

Why Choose Zimardi?

If you take pride in your appearance, and demand that same value in your tailor, then choose Zimardi custom menswear. You can be confident that our suits are crafted from the highest quality products according to the most stringent of tailor standards. Choose Zimardi. You’ll be glad you did.