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Who We Are

At Zimardi, we understand that bespoke suits can be a serious investment. There is nothing quite like appearing in your best attire. It's not only about how dressing well makes you feel but how heads turn when you enter the room.

We started from humble beginnings in Sydney and then spread to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and then Australia-wide. Armed with the best tailors, we now sell worldwide and take great pride in ensuring men everywhere can access stylish, high quality suits at affordable prices. We make suits for a wide range of customers from celebrities to common people - and our suits are recognised for giving men a confidence and style of their own the way that only a bespoke suit can.

Zimardi is the premier choice for all men who want to look their best. Each suit is unique because it is designed by the wearer using our exclusive 3D modelling technology. The design is then given to our experienced tailors who bring each custom suit to life.

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